Consulting and Training Services

Independent chemical lab and field evaluations – If a client does not purchase does nor wishes to purchase chemicals from SLS, SLS can be retained to conduct independent evaluations of products and/or equipment performance. Such work can be conducted in the lab or as full scale trials or pilots. SLS will act as the owner’s representative to provide an unbiased record of cost performance.

Operator Training – In 2015 SLS adopted the American Water Works Associations training methodology for the operations of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Having conducted chemical application training sessions for over 20 years in a variety of industries, operator training can be included in the purchase of the chemical programs or delivered separately for an additional fee.

Development of Operational Best Management Practices Manual – this document provides operations and management personnel information on the mechanical, chemical and operational parameters of process equipment that require the chemicals prescribed herein. This document can be incorporated into the a customers controlled documents or used as a stand-alone document.