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Chemical coagulants are used a wide variety of water treatment applications to assist in the removal of solids form liquids. Coagulants mainly function though the mechanism of charge neutralizing and agglomeration of suspended solids in water. Coagulants can be sold in dry or powder form and are further categorized as inorganic and organic. Depending on the water to be treated and your treatment objectives, SLS can help you select the most cost effective coagulant for your water treatment project.

Inorganic – Aluminum and Iron salts are very effective coagulants. Careful selection of the most cost effective coagulant will result successful water treatment.

Organic – Poly DADAMAC ‘s are very cost effective at helping remove small colour particles and dissolved organics. Dry versions of PolyDADMAC are 2 to 3 times more cost effective that their liquid versions. Polyamines (epiDAMA) and poly DADAMCs are very effective are organic material removal.

Aluminum and Iron based

Aluminum Sulphate (Alum)

Polyaluminum Chloride - various % Al2O3 and basicity

Blends of Al2O3 with various organic coagulants

Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH)

Iron Based - Ferric Chloride, Ferrous Chloride, Ferric Sulphate

Organic Based

epi-DMA - Various molecular weights and structures (polyamines)

PolyDADMAC - various concentrations and molecular weights