Defoamers /Antifoamers
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Defoamers /Antifoamers

Water Based
Water-based defoamers are multi-component dispersions of long-chain fatty alcohols which easily emulsify with water. Our water-based defoamers are inherently biodegradable and do not contribute to VOC’s. Our line of oil free defoamers consist of 100% active concentrates of synthetic ester or polyols and have a very good de-aeration efficacy and are emulsifiable in water.
Water Extended

SLS’s water extended oil-based defoamers include mixtures amide/silica, and silicone chemistry, which generally tend to be more persistent in handling difficult foaming problems and higher temperatures. Similar to oil-based defoamer performance, they are generally lower in cost and contribute less oil than oil-based defoamers.

Oil Based

Our oil-based defoamers consist of a 100% active chemistry dispersed in mineral oil and can be used in severe foaming applications and persistent foam reduction.  These products are emulsifiable in water and are suitable for a very wide range of applications. These defoamers are cost efficient and well suited for a variety of industrial processes.

Silicone Concentrates
Silicone-based defoamers are concentrated at 100% active substance, or as lower concentrated emulsions. They contain no mineral oil, amides or nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) and leave minor residue in the process. They are the products of choice in the most severe foaming conditions, performing at temperatures up to 100˚C.